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Faculty member

Leslie SHAW
PhD in Economics

Assistant Professor
Faculty Dean's Office
Campus : Paris


A graduate (Ph.D) of Trinity College Dublin, economist and former supplier account manager at the Electricity Supply Board in Dublin, Leslie Shaw pioneered negotiation skills training in France in the 1980s when he developed his Negotiation Bootcamp for the Alcatel-Alsthom group. Subsequently included in the curriculum at ESCP Europe, it has been delivered to thousands of participants from around the globe. In addition to negotiation, his areas of competence include conflict management, leadership, decisionmaking, change management and organizational behaviour.


Dr. Shaw describes his approach to teaching as a combination of the Human Relations school of the 1930s and the cognitive perspective that is the hallmark of business education in the 21st century. His courses, focused on skills rather than knowledge acquisition, are delivered using action learning, original methodologies and case studies grounded in real business transactions and events.


He has presented at academic conferences in Paris, Berlin, London, Krakow, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C. and Toronto. In 2015 he conducted a survey on social intelligence of founding CEOs of Irish startups on behalf of the Center for Advanced Studies in Management at the University of Western Kentucky.


Dr. Shaw is President of the Forum on Islamic Radicalism and Management and Vice President of Global Conference on Advances in Management, a network of academics and practitioners. In July 2016 he organized a groundbreaking conference at the United States Congress on Capitol Hill on the subject of Islamic Radicalism in the Workplace.This event brought together the world's most informed experts on Islamic radicalism and workplace security  to meet with executives from the private and public sectors.