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Faculty member

PhD in Business Administration
French Qualification For PhD Supervisor

Emeritus Professor
Campus : Paris


Elisabeth Tissier-Desbordes is Professor in the Marketing Department at the ESCP Europe Paris Campus. She is a graduate of ESCP and holds a Doctorate degree from University Paris Dauphine and HEC. Her dissertation deals with the similarities in buying behaviour between mothers and daughters. She also holds a post-doctoral degree (DHDR).
Professor Tissier-Desbordes began her career in advertising, working for an agency. She began her academic career at ESC Rouen, a business school in western France. She then joined ESCP Europe where she created the Specialized Master in Marketing and Communication. She served as Associate Dean for Research, an elected function. She was in charge of the ESCP Europe Brand and Communication Direction till September 2010.
She is the author of many articles about consumer behaviour and communication. Her most recent research deals with issues of gender and marketing, taboos in advertising and nudity in advertising. She conducted a Europe-wide survey, with the support of the &quot - Institut pour la ville en mouvement&quot - , to compare the renting behaviour of consumers in order to understand why people buy or rent products. She adapted the book of M. Solomon, Consumer behaviour for France with B. Heilbrunn, Pearson Ed., in 2005. She is coeditor of the journal Décisions Marketing, member of the board of the French marketing association (AFM) and a member of numerous editorial committees.