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Faculty member

PhD in Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence (Industrial systems)

Assistant Professor
Information & Operations Management
Campus : Paris


Yannick Meiller holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence – Industrial systems) - obtained in 2003 from ISAE-Supaéro, Toulouse, France. His professional activity is threefold: entrepreneur, assistant professor at ESCP Europe Paris campus, and expert for BPI (Banque Publique d'Investissement - French innovation funding organization). Yannick Meiller has a wide and diverse experience of innovation, of intermediation between research and industry, and of exchanges between technologies and management sciences. He worked for scientific research public institutions (Universities, ONERA – The French aerospace lab), in France and in the USA, in the field of decisional Artificial Intelligence.

He experienced the dot-com bubble within a business team developing a multiple media project. He also worked in a consulting company focusing on business development through radical innovation and contributed to ambitious innovative strategies in blue chip companies.

In 2005, he founded the company NOVAPTEN – specialized in innovation management and collaborative project management, for blue chip companies, small businesses and public institutions. He is still managing this company.

Starting in 2005, he got progressively involved into research and lecturing in the field of management sciences.

Within ESCP Europe, Yannick Meiller is head of the RFID European Lab.  His research works deal with:

  • digital information - characterization, value, processing and related subjects (such as privacy, data sharing, security, etc.)
  • the assessment of innovative projects or technology oriented project, for decision making;
  • the internet of things, and more widely pervasive computing;
  • technologies, technology management and the related economic sectors.


His lectures cover mainly:

  • information systems;
  • digital tools and digital aspects of management;
  • innovation management;
  • methodologies for scientific research.