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Faculty member

PhD in Finance

Associate Professor
Campus : London


Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals (PRJ)

ELYASIANI, E., STAIKOURAS, S. and P. DONTIS-CHARITOS (2016), Cross-industry product diversification and contagion in risk and return: The case of bank-insurance and insurance-bank takeovers, JOURNAL OF RISK AND INSURANCE (THE), Vol. 83, Issue 3, 681–718 (38 p.).

CASU, B., DONTIS-CHARITOS, P., STAIKOURAS, S. and J. WILLIAMS (2016), Diversification, Size and Risk: the Case of Bank Acquisitions of Nonbank Financial Firms, EUROPEAN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, Vol. 22, Issue 2, 235–275 (41 p.).

ANDRIOSOPOULOS, K., CHAN, K., DONTIS-CHARITOS, P. and S. STAIKOURAS (2016), Wealth and risk implications of the Dodd-Frank Act on the U.S. financial intermediaries, JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL STABILITY, in press.

DONTIS-CHARITOS, P., JORY, S., NGO, T. and K. NOWMAN (2013), A multi-country analysis of the 2007-2009 financial crisis: empirical results from discrete and continuous time models, APPLIED FINANCIAL ECONOMICS, Issue 11, Vol. 23, pp. 923-950 (28 p.).

DONTIS-CHARITOS, P., GOUGH, O., NOWMAN, K. and S. SIVAPRASAD (2013), Continuous and discrete time modelling of spillovers in equity and fixed income markets, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BONDS AND DERIVATIVES, Issue 1, Vol. 1, pp. 54-87 (34 p.).

DONTIS-CHARITOS, P., MOLYNEUX, P. and S. STAIKOURAS (2011), Does the stock market compensate banks for diversifying into the insurance business ?, FINANCIAL MARKETS , INSTITUTIONS & INSTRUMENTS, Issue 1, Vol. 20, pp. 1-28 (29 p.).


DONTIS-CHARITOS, P., STAIKOURAS, S. and J. WILLIAMS (2016), Bank diversification and financial conglomerates in Europe, in: Beck, T. and Casu, B., The Palgrave Handbook of European Banking, Palgrave Macmillan.

Press Articles

DONTIS-CHARITOS, P., GOUGH, O., NOWMAN, K. and S. SIVAPRASAD (2013), Are there return and volatility spillovers from major bank stocks to the national stock market in the UK ?, INTERNATIONAL FINANCE REVIEW, Global Banking, Financial Markets and Crises.