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Faculty member

PhD in Management, Marketing

Associate Professor
Campus : London
Tel : +442074438861


Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals (PRJ)

ALINAGHIAN, L. and K. RAZMDOOST (2018), How do network resources affect firms’ network-oriented dynamic capabilities?, INDUSTRIAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT, 71, 79-94.

MILLS, G. and K. RAZMDOOST (2016), Managing value co-creation/destruction: A longitudinal education capital programme/project case study, CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS, 34(4-5), 286-301.

RAZMDOOST, K. and G. MILLS (2016), Towards a service-led relationship in project-based firms, CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS, 34(4-5), 317-334.

RAZMDOOST, K., DIMITRIU, R. and E. MACDONALD (2015), The effect of overconfidence and underconfidence on consumer value, PSYCHOLOGY & MARKETING, 32(4), 392-407.

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

RAZMDOOST, K., LINDER, C. and A. LEILA (2018), New Venture Ordinary and Dynamic Capabilities and Environmental Dynamism: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis Approach, SMS 38th Annual Conference, September 2018, Paris, France.

REZAEE VESSAL, S. and K. RAZMDOOST (2018), The Effect of Social Exclusion Intensity and Consumers’ Overconfidence on Social-Oriented and Self-Oriented Behaviors, EACR, June 2018, Ghent, Belgium.

BADI, S., RAZMDOOST, K. and N. MURTAGH (2017), Sustainable Service ecosystems: Built Environment and Carbon Emission, The 5th Naples Forum on Service, June 2017, Sorrento, Italy.

SMYTH, H., RAZMDOOST, K. and I. KUSUMA (2016), Innovation and the co-creation of value in construction, RICS COBRA 2016: The Construction, Building and Real Estate Research Conference of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, September 2016, Toronto, Canada.

RAZMDOOST, K. and H. SMYTH (2015), Value co-creation in project exchange, 18th Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress, May 2015, Bari, Italy.

Non-Peer Reviewed Conference Presentations

ALSAADY, J. and K. RAZMDOOST (2015), The effect of information presentation format and information quantity on really-new product adoption behaviour, presented at: , 44th European Marketing Academy Conference, European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), May 2015, Leuven, Belgium.