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Faculty member

Othman COLE
PhD in Business Administration
PhD in Business Administration

Affiliate Professor
Campus : London


Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals (PRJ)

COLE, O., TSE, T. and M. ESPOSITO (2015), Did Nigeria and Angola manage their oil windfalls well between 1970 and 2000: what lessons can be learned for new oil producers?, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC POLICY IN EMERGING ECONOMIES, Vol. 8, Issue 1, pp. 1-19 (20 p.).


SOUFANI, K., COLE, O. and P. O'SULLIVAN (2015), Is Islamic finance a complement to conventional Western finance?, in: O'SULLIVAN P., ALLINGTON N., ESPOSITO M., The Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Finance in the 21st Century: From hubris to disgrace, Routledge, pp. 74-90 (18 p.).

Research Monographs

COLE, O. (2009), What are the key challenges and opportunities facing National Oil Companies (NOCs)?, USAEE, Working Paper Series.

COLE, O. (2009), What are the key challenges facing National Oil Companies (NOCs)?, USAEE, Working Paper Series.

Studies and Report commissioned by Companies and Research Agencies

COLE, O. (2008), China-Africa economic relations: an overview and a discussion of its impact on Africa's growth and development, Cambridge China Development Trust, Working Paper.

Non-Peer Reviewed Journals articles

SOUFANI, K., TSE, T. and O. COLE (2013), Notes on Islamic economics and finance, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TRADE AND GLOBAL MARKETS, Vol. 6, Issue 1, pp. 83-91 9 p.

PhD Dissertation completed

COLE, O. (2007), Petroleum resource management and economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa, The cases of Nigeria and Angola, PhD Dissertation, Judge Business School.

COLE, O. (2004), How can emerging oil-producing countries learn lessons from "National Oil Companies" and "International Oil Companies" in structuring and developing their petroleum industry, Discussion related to the case of Sierra Leone ?, PPhil Dissertation, Judge Business School.

Articles in Professional Journals

COLE, O. (2016), How can the major European oil and gas companies continue to be competitive? A comparative analysis between 2000 and 2008, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPETITIVENESS, 1 (1), 53 - 70.

COLE, O. (2012), Risk exposure and challenges facing commodity producers, INFO, pp. 48-49 2 p.