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Faculty member

Doctor in Management Science
HDR (French qualification for Ph.D. Supervisor)
Emeritus Professor
Strategy, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resources
Campus : Paris
Tel : +33 1 49 23 21 01


Loïc Cadin is an Emeritus professor in the Strategy, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources department at ESCP Europe Paris campus. His area of expertise is Human Resources Management (HRM).
He is a graduate of ESSEC Business School. He began in his professional life working for several companies, where he held positions in the Human Resources function.
He holds a Doctorate from University Paris Dauphine. His dissertation deals with careers and the management of R&D professionals. He has also undertaken research into the shift from job-based to skill-based Human Resources Management. His most recent research is focused on new career patterns in management. He has also been involved in research into what it is a manager actually does on the job.
Professor Cadin is a Research Fellow at the Centre de Sociologie du Travail et des Arts (EHESS-CNRS).
He is responsible for the HRM core course in the Master’s programme of ESCP-EAP. With F.Guérin and F.Pigeyre he co-authored an HRM textbook: Gestion des Ressources Humaines, pratiques et éléments de théorie, 3ème édition, 2007, Dunod.
He is involved in the ESCP Europe Ph.D. programme and in the Doctoral School of Paris X-Nanterre.
Professor Cadin is Vice President for International Development of AGRH (Association Francophone de Gestion des Ressources Humaines), the Francophone academic association of HRM experts.