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Faculty member

Jean-François DELPLANCKE
Doctor of Philosophy in Management Studies
Emeritus Professor
Strategy, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resources
Campus : Paris


Jean-François Delplancke is an Emeritus Professor at the ESCP Europe Paris Campus. He teaches the human dimension of Management and Organizations and has a background in Management, Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Currently, he is the coordinator of the SHO department (Strategy, Human resources and Organizatonal behavior.

His career has been marked by several important factors that have forged his scolarly practice and influenced his professional path. For example, he was a psychotherapist (with a psychoanalytical orientation) for 12 years. He has also served as Mayor of Farges-Allichamps France (1983-1989), and was an associate consultant at Harbridge House Consulting Group London (1991-1997). In 1998-1999, he was a research fellow at City University Business School and in 2007 a visiting scholar at ILR, Cornell University, NY. More recently (2010), he was awarded his PhD in "Management Studies" at the University of Essex (UK).
His research work focuses on the Dynamics of Organizational Identity from the perspective of long standing companies facing strategic transformations during their development.
Jean-François Delplancke is a member of EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) and a founding member of EURAM (European Academy of Management).