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Faculty member

Corinne HAHN
Doctor in Mathematics and Applications
Associate Professor
Information and Operations Management
Scientific Director of the Apprenticeship Track
Campus : Paris
Tel : +33 1 49 23 22 68


Corinne Hahn is Associate Professor at the Information and operations Management Department of ESCP Europe Paris Campus. She holds a Doctorate in Mathematics and Applications (didactics of mathematics) and teaches Statistics.
Her research focuses on issues related to the teaching and learning of statistics and to teaching and learning on cooperative education programmes.
Together with Madeleine Besson (INT Management), Béatrice Collin (ESCP Europe) and André Geay (Université de Tours) she founded the Centre for Study and Research in Co-operative Education in Higher Education (CERALTES), which she managed for 3 years. While she was the head of the Centre, she organised an international conference and published a first collective book. A second one was published in 2008.
Corinne Hahn is Scientific Director of the Apprenticeship Track of the ESCP Europe Master in Management programme.
She is co-editor-in-chief of on-line journal Statistique et enseignement, edited by Société Française de Statistique. She was during 7 years President of the International commission for the improvement of mathematics education (CIEAEM).
Corinne Hahn is involved in European projects focussing on adult education in mathematics and statistics.