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Faculty member

Post-Graduate Degree in Public Administration
Emeritus Professor
Financial Reporting and Audit
Campus : Paris
Tel : +33 1 49 23 20 54


John Kennedy is an Emeritus Professor with the Accounting, Audit and Management department, and teaches accounting, auditing and financial analysis for different programmes – undergraduate (Masters), post-graduate (MBA) and the executive educational programmes.    His main academic responsibility is as course director of the MS. Audit & Consulting post-graduate programme.
His education was initially as an economist, followed by an MPA post-graduate degree in public administration from the School of Public Administration, Carleton University, Ottawa.  His earlier career was as an economist with the Canadian Federal Government.    Subsequently, he moved into the private sector and trained, as an accountant, with one of the Big 4, obtaining his professional qualifications both in the UK and France.
His educational background and earlier career have influenced his professional and academic activities and his interest in the public/private sectors, within an international dimension. His main teaching and research are focussed on international financial reporting issues, corporate governance and multinationals’ approach to Research & Development expenditure.  As a consultant, he has effected various assignments for UNESCO and the UNITED NATIONS advising governments on the application of financial management techniques in the public sector.