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Faculty member

Ph.D. in Social Psychology
Campus : Paris
Tel : +33 1 49 23 27 72


Allan J. Kimmel is Professor of Marketing at ESCP Europe Paris campus. He serves as director of the Marketing Major-English track. He has served as a Visiting Professor of Marketing at Université Paris IX-Dauphine and ESSEC Business School, and invited lecturer at TEC de Monterrey (Monterrey, Mexico), Universidad de San Andres (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Turku School of Economics (Turku, Finland), and the University of Vassa (Vassa, Finland). He received an MA and Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Temple University (U.S.A.). In addition to the general areas of consumer behavior and marketing communication, his research and writing interests focus on rumors and word of mouth, marketing ethics, connected marketing and the growing power of consumers, consumer interaction with products, and deception in consumer research. He has published extensively on these topics, including four books on research ethics and articles in American Psychologist, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Marketing News, The Journal of Behavioral Finance, Business Horizons, Ethics & Behavior, The Psychologist, and European Advances in Consumer Research, among others. He served as guest editor for a special issue of the Journal Psychology & Marketing and the Journal of Marketing Communications.  He is a reviewer for several journals, including the Journal of Personality & Social Psychology and the Journal of Social Psychology, and serves on the editorial board of The Journal of Marketing Communications and The Open Ethics Journal and is an advisory board member for the International Journal of Organizational Learning and Change (IJOLC). His most recent books include Rumors and Rumor Control: A Manager’s Guide to Understanding and Combatting Rumors (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004); Marketing Communication: New Approaches, Technologies, and Styles (Oxford University Press, 2005); Ethical Issues in Behavioral Research: Basic and Applied Perspectives (Wiley-Blackwell, 2007), Connecting With Consumers: Marketing for New Marketplace Realities (Oxford University Press, 2010), and Psychological Foundations of Marketing (Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2012).

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