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Faculty member

Delphine MANCEAU
Doctor in Management Science
HDR (French Qualification for Ph.D. Supervisor)
Dean of European Executive Education & Corporate Relations
Campus : Paris
Tel : +33 1 49 23 20 14


Professor Delphine Manceau, Doctor in Management, HDR, is the European Director of ESCP Europe Corporate Division, including Executive Education (Executive MBA, Executive Specialised Masters, Open and Customised Programmes) and Corporate Relations.

Delphine Manceau is also Director of i7, the institute for innovation & competitiveness which she founded after writing the report Pour une nouvelle vision de l’innovation (with Pascal Morand, 2009, ed. La documentation française)  for the French Minister of Economics, Ms Christine Lagarde, on the innovation capacity of French and European companies.

As a specialist of marketing and innovation, Delphine has written several books, including Marketing Management with Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller (14th edition published in 2012, ed. Pearson Education), and Marketing de l'innovation with Emmanuelle Le Nagard (2nd edition, 2011, ed. Dunod).

She published papers in various academic journals, including International Journal of Research in Marketing, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Creativity and Innovation Management, International Journal of Advertising, Recherche & Applications en Marketing, Décisions Marketing, La Revue Française du Marketing, and L'Expansion Management Review.

Her main fields of research deal with the marketing of innovation, new product development and launch, design and innovation, the diffusion of innovation. She currently conducts a research project on the entrepreneurial and development model of creative companies and especially design companies. In the past, she also worked on the depiction of taboos in advertising as well as micro-economic modelling of marketing decisions.

Delphine Manceau contributes to several analysis of the future of management education in France. She wrote with Stephanie Dameron the FNEGE report entitled "Accreditations, certifications, rankings... The impact of external evaluations on the strategies of business schools and universities and on the evolution of French management education" (2011). She also participated in the FNEGE workgroup « Rethink the training of managers" (headed by Michel Bon, Bertrand Collomb and Jean-Pierre Helfer, and published in 2010), and the commission which lead to Bernard Pras' report on "The evaluation of faculty members in management sciences"(2010). She created and coordinated two seminars run by the FNEGE and the Association of Business Schools, one for programme managers in Business schools and Universities, and one for Deans of Research. 

In the past, Delphine Manceau has been the Academic Dean of ESCP Europe and Dean for the Master in Management programme (2005- 2008). She was Vice-President Publications of the French Marketing Association (2008-2010) and the co-editor of the French academic journal Décisions Marketing (2003-2007).

She graduated from ESCP Europe and did her PhD at HEC Paris, before going to Wharton for a post-doc.