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Intercultural Leadership Module
Programme court
Durée : 1.5 days - 12 hours
Langue : Anglais
Campus : Berlin
Dates : 7th - 8th September 2018

Eva Czech

Manager EMBA/GMP/Open Programmes

Phone: +49 (0) 30 / 3 20 07-226
Fax: +49 (0) 30 / 3 20 07-107


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The globalisation of business requires intercultural competencies and globalleadership capabilities. This module provides participants with the essentialknow-how and experience which is the indispensable basis for any successful career in an international context.

The dynamic global environment is the context of organisations which are no longer defined by national boundaries. Intercultural interactions havenow become a common feature of business life.Understanding and managing these situations iscrucial not only for international business, but also for the global careers of individual managers. This module will introduce future managers to the particular challenges of working, managing and leadingin a multicultural environment.




Professionals and Executives

Frais & financement

1.650 € for the Module

International Business Programme (IBP)

This module is part of our International Business Programme (IBP). It can be taken separately or joined with other modules.


Points clés

›› You will understand and discuss cultural values and their impact on management practices

›› You will understand and develop intercultural competence

›› You will understand the basic principles of motivation, leadership, careers and team dynamics in an intercultural environment

›› Finally you will combine all this knowledge and experience for the development of global leadership capabilities


›› Introduction to Intercultural Leadership

›› Culture and management

›› Communicating across cultures

›› Cultural synergy, intercultural competence

›› Motivation in an intercultural context

›› Teams in an intercultural context

›› Global leadership and global mindset

›› Key success factors for global careers

Points clés

“It was a good approach aligningtheory with individual practice. Oneof the best courses! Thank you!”

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