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Digital transformation facilitator Certificate
Programme court
Durée : 20 hours
Langue : Anglais
Campus : E-learning
Dates : According to your agenda

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Fee: 1 480 €





Digital transformation impacts all areas of a company in the same way it transforms all parts of society. The heart of this change lies as much in mankind as in technology.

The world of tomorrow will see many new opportunities and great changes will take place which will impact :

  • Staff management
  • New ways of working
  • Customer experience and relationship
  • Accelerate your role as a digital facilitator of digital transformation
  • Identify talents and support development of digital skills
  • Be at the forefront of new models of working and collaboration
  • Ambassadors and high potentials within a company,
  • IT and digital experts working alongside managers,
  • HR experts who will need to transform managerial culture and practices,
  • Talents identified as tomorrow's leaders whose awareness of these issues is essential.
Critères d'admission

Pre-positioning test that allows you to benefit from a customised training course

Direction Scientifique

Prof. Frank Bournois
General and Intercultural Management
Dean of ESCP Europe, author of "La Prouesse française Le management du CAC 40 vu d'ailleurs", Ed. Odile Jacob.


Alexandre Tissot
Transformation of organisations
Director of Management & Culture at Netexplo

Frais & financement

1 480 €

Points clés

Your benefits

  • To be at the forefront of tremendous opportunities of digital transformation
  • Become a digital enabler within your company
  • Understand 10 key technology areas: # artificial Intelligence #Big Data #Biotech #IoT #Gaming #Cyber Security #Robotics #Blockchain #Social Media # 3D printing


1. Transformation Management

  • Analyze interdependencies and cooperative modes
  • the prerequisites of digital transformation

2. Industrial and technological systems

  • Understand the factory of the future
  • Understand industrial changes through flex manufacturing

3. Tertiary and technological systems

  • Use CRM and ERP tools in services

4. Customer Experience and Big Data 

  • Understand the omnicanality of customer relationships

5. Collaborative experience

  • Analyze staff contribution in digital transformation
  • Think about new working conditions in order to stimulate innovation and agility

6. Talent Management

  • Identify, recruit, engage talent in the digital era

7. Expert testimonials

  • What shape will organisations of the future take?

8. Career paths

  • Evolution of skills and behaviors required for digital transformation

9. Technological opportunities

  • What are the 10 greatest technological opportunities?

10. Presentation of the study

11. CEO Conferences

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