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Executive Education: Open Programmes

Managing in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Module
Programma di breve durata
Durata: 1 day
Lingua: Inglese
Campus: Berlino
Data: September 2018

Anne Ulbricht
Manager EMBA/GMP/Open Programmes

Phone: +49 (0) 30 / 3 20 07-176
Fax: +49 (0) 30 / 3 20 07-107

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Since 1989 we have witnessed the unification of Europe on the principles of democracy and a market economy. This process is far from its end, and differences between the old EU-15, newcomers and other Central and Eastern Europe countries (CEE) are significant. This module has been designed to understand these differences and to contribute to crafting the right strategy for these markets.

CEE is a target destination for many multinational companies headquartered in Western Europe, USA, Asia, etc. In order to succeed in this region, managers need to understand local specifics originating from different historic, economic and cultural backgrounds. They also need to understand that knowledge transfers from Western countries to CEE has been so successful that CEE has become a cradle of many fast-growing companies, serious competitors and even champions on the global business stage.

Dates:September 2016


Professionals and Executives

Costo d'iscrizione e finanziamenti

1.100 € for the Module

International Business Programme (IBP)

This module is part of our International Business Programme (IBP). It can be taken separately or joined with other modules.


Punti Chiave

›› Helps you to understand the historical, political andeconomic development of CEE countries and the consequences of doing business in CEE

›› You will analyse and gain key information on the business environment in the region

›› You will discuss the motivations, strategies and challenges of multinational corporations operating in the region

›› You will learn how to deal with management issues in joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions in CEE


›› Economic environment and privatisation in CEE

›› Political, legal and cultural environment in the region

›› Motives and types of investments in CEE

›› Strategies of foreign investors

›› Main marketing and management challenges for MNCs in the region

›› Impact of the crisis on doing business in the region

›› Case study of an MNC investing in the region (manufacturing and service sector)

›› Case study of a successful local company going global

Punti Chiave

“...more than satisfactory – the professorwas very good. It was a great experience to understand the economic progress made by CEE… very different from developed markets like Germany. Prof. Sonia’s welcome and hospitality were very warm..”

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