Corpo docenti

Olivier BADOT
PhD in Anthropology (specialization in Ethnology)
PhD in Economics
French Qualification For PhD Supervisor

Campus : Paris


Olivier Badot is a Fellow of the Royal Society (of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce), a member of the Academy of Commercial Sciences and a member of the National Commission for Retailing Consultation and of the National Retailing Statistics Commission. He is a member of the Expert Committee of “la Fabrique de la Cité” (Vivendi) and of the National Centre of Shopping Centres.


He has specialised in the field of consumption forecasting, trade and distribution for 32 years and is a PhD of Organization Economics (ENST-Paris) and PhD in Anthropology (La Sorbonne). He is authorised to supervise research and is a law graduate and SciencePo Paris alumnus. Olivier Badot is a Professor at ESCP Europe and affiliate Professor at the University of Caen (IAE). He is Academic Director of the E.Leclerc Chair and Viparis/Unimev Professorhip and current Dean of Research at ESCP Europe.


He has also been visiting professor at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa for 25 years. He has been a researcher and visiting professor at fifteen universities around the world. He leads a team of over a dozen researchers (including PhD students) working on his research themes (evolution of retailing and digital commerce, retail strategies, shopping experiences, marketing of shopping centres, multi- and cross-channel commerce, m-commerce, ethnography of consumption and commerce, etc.). He is also co-director of the Societing collection at EMS Editions.


Olivier Badot chaired the Etienne Thil Colloquium on retailing research and is a member of numerous academic committees and commissions. He has written around twenty books, either as sole author or in collaboration, and around a hundred articles, academic papers and reports. His most recent research focuses on an analysis of the "crisis in consumption" and the increasing reliance on Internet concerning the adaptation strategies of retailers and salespeople (concepts, formats, actions, merchandising, cross- commerce, m-commerce, ubiquitous commerce, etc.). His new book co-authored with Dr. Dominique Moreno and published by EMS is entitled "Commerce et urbanisme commercial : Les grands enjeux de demain."


He is also an expert in marketing for retailing and e-commerce and APM Expert and has collaborated with numerous national and international companies. He has worked or is currently working large groups such as Agrial, Leroy Merlin, L'Oreal, Savencia and Unibail in their product range, customer experiences and store design visioning and strategic processes.