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Berlin Campus
Global Career Week
Start date  : 11 January 2017
End date  :  13 January 2017
Start time  : 09:30 am
End time  : 05:00 pm
Location  : Heubnerweg 8-10, 14059 Berlin

On January 11th - 13th 2017, ESCP Europe Berlin will host the Global Career Week, a symposium with about 150 international Master in Management students and 50 professionals from business and civil society. The symposium creates a space for the students to discover their strengths and motivation, to reflect personal, entrepreneurial as well as societal goals and to work on concrete next steps to successful life planning.

Each of the three days students will work together with different experts on specific topics.

Day 1 is about orientation. Together with ESCP Europe's Corporate Relations & Careers department, students are going to develop their personal career planning model. The day will be closed by a panel discussion with extraordinary personalities, who will share their motivations, experience and learnings to create a life with impact.

The reflection of personal and societal goals is the focus of day 2. We are happy to welcome several outstanding representatives from business and civil society. In 17 workshops students will learn about the United Nations Global Goals (SDGs), come up with ideas how to reach them by 2030 and reflect their personal impact. In a public "world café" the groups will share their learnings with guests and experts. How business can learn and profit from the SDGs will be discussed in the closing panel.

"Take Action!" is the motto for day 3! In a keynote by Oliver Viel, students will understand how employers think and act while on the hunt for talent. In several application trainings with coaches from consulting and industry students will think about career strategy, improve their application documents and learn how to impress in interviews.