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Berlin Campus
GLOBAL CAREER WEEK Conference | Careers Driven by Sustainable Values
Start date  : 11 January 2018
Start time  : 09:00 am
End time  : 06:00 pm

Where: ESCP Europe Berlin, Heubnerweg 8-10, Berlin


The aim of the 1,5 day conference is to introduce the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the Agenda 2030 as a framework for managers and entrepreneurs to transform existing business models and to come up with future-oriented business opportunities. Students experience the dimensions of the SDGs, reflect together with professionals for the different sectors, and come up with ideas to empower a precise goal in an existing business.

Your contribution

The conference will provide a means of expanding horizons, personal exchange, and networking between professionals and students. For each SDG we are searching for dedicated “Goal Sponsors” from companies and NGOs, who will share experience while gaining fresh thoughts for their work. By participating in the conference, you will be engaged in the Agenda 2030 and contribute to its achievement. You will work with our community and be inspired in shaping your business or organization’s future goals.

DAY 2 (ESCP Europe Berlin, Heubnerweg 8-10, Berlin)

Deep Dive – Group work on a specific goal

09:00  Welcome

09:30  Introduction Workshop Session

11:00   Ideation-Lab I

12:30  Lunch

14:00  Ideation-Lab II

15:30   Coffee Break

16:00   Preparing the Pitch

17:00   Goal Gallery

18:00  Finish

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