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London Campus
Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies
Start date  : 06 April 2018
Start time  : 04:00 pm
End time  : 06:00 pm
Location  : G77, ESCP Europe London Campus

What is the Blockchain technology?
Why is it worth understanding?
What are Cryptocurrencies?
What are their uses?

Stop asking your friends whether BTC, ETH or XRP is the most interesting. Instead, come and learn more to form your own opinion!

Danielle Khayat Saikaly is hosting a session that will allow you understand the technology that lies behind digital currencies, and how to weigh up the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies.

This event is free and open to all ESCP Europe students, faculty and staff. It will start at 4pm on Thursday, 6th April in G77.