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Monday 01 February 2016

Mayor of London to Endorse ESCP Europe Electric Vehicle Tour of Europe 2016

ESCP Europe Business School and TryMyEV will visit City Hall on 10th February to talk about policy initiatives to promote the use of electric vehicles in London. They will meet with the Greater London Authority's Transport section.

The meeting coincides with a tour of Europe in Tesla Model S electric cars planned by ESCP Europe's Energy Society. Students, alumni and partners will take to the road from London and drive to Berlin, Turin and Paris, visiting the Tesla factory in the Netherlands en route.

They will cross seven international borders from 13th to 19th March, after hosting a launch event in London on 12th March.

Upon welcoming the travellers, each ESCP Europe campus will host a conference on the themes of Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Transport and Climate Change, to which the media and external guests will be invited.

The project aims to help shape responsible decision-making by businesses and individuals by changing public perceptions of the suitability of EVs for long distance journeys.  They will show that the means of tackling climate change through greener transport are accessible to the general public.

To find out more, please click here.

Join the Tour

To participate in the tour as a driver or passenger, please click here.

Sponsorship Opportunity

In order to achieve this, the teams are looking for sponsorship and offer many opportunities for promoting partner brands. Partnering with the team, through financial or 'in kind' support, will associate your organisation with an initiative to promote sustainable transport and sustainable energy, with claims backed up by real experience.

If you are interested in supporting the project, please contact


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