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Monday 06 November 2017

Meet the Students | Ruby Ran YAN, PhD.Eng., Executive MBA

„I want to make a difference to this world“

Ruby Ran YAN, PhD.Eng., is a production manager in a semiconductor manufacture. She has 6 years of experience in production and R&D in Germany and has spent 5 years of research in Ireland. At the moment, Ruby Ran YAN is one of 100 participants in the Executive MBA programme at ESCP Europe. We wanted to know a bit more about her motivation and ambition for a postgraduate study programme and met her in an interview:

Currently, Ruby Ran YAN is in a position that covers the following 3 main areas: Production management and technology engagement for emerging markets, technology team leader in charge of major Asian customers and manufacture project and task-force manager leading cross-functional team.

Why did you decide to study the Executive MBA and what do you expect for your career progression?

At certain stage of everybody's life, they will ask themselves who they are and what they want. I actually thought about these when I was 7 years old and the question was quite naive, why I should spend my time on study and homework instead of playing outside and enjoying myself. After an extensive and logical discussion with my mom, I came to a conclusion: I want to make a difference to this world, so people will know I existed when I am gone. Might sounds totally crazy for a 7-year-old, but believe or not, it really helped me with so many life change decisions. That was why I chose microelectronic to enable human's “Futurama”, why I decided to have my son when I got accidentally pregnant, why I opened a medical business to promote alternative medicine and why I want to study MBA after working as an engineer for years.

In the last few years, I realize how a highly qualified engineer can be so useless in the business world. As the youngest engineer in my team, I was always considering it was not my position to make the call, until I saw how all my hard-work could lead to no benefit to the company due to one decision from the upper management. In order to maintain my life objective, I must become someone that could makes those decisions.  However my previous education and experience are far from building me into this objective. After a long and deep self evaluation, I identified 3 major steps to prepare myself for that:

  1. Enhance my experience in manufacture and business organization with program management and overall integration position
  2. Connect my work area with emerging marketing by in charge of new customer engagement and Asian customer
  3. Enlarge my management perspective and business network with Executive MBA study

For No. 1 and 2, I requested an internal transfer and became the new programme manager in platform team in charge of emerging market. For No. 3, I joined the Executive MBA programme at ESCP Europe. I believe after the EMBA study, I will be able to combine my solid technical knowledge with my on-going marketing experience and newly gained business management skill. I could lead my company opening the Asian market and further support Chinese semiconductor industry to be the next international leader.

What does internationality & international course experience means to you?

The internatinality of ESCP Europe is a totally eye-opener for me. In the internally seminars, we argued Brexit with EU commissioners, introduced to potentiate business partners directly by Chinese governors, learned leadership from the top executives and their mentors. All of those were not possible before, but ESCP Europe made them all become possible.

In addition, our classmates came from all kinds of industry and countries. Such rich background makes any small discussion in and outside the classroom a new case study for us. From entrepreneur in Lebanon to CEO in France, from Chinese living in Germany to German lived in Hongkong, from drone development to food retail, this class is absolutely the full package. In a level, it is a zoomed in version of the global economic.

I can not imagine anything else could bring me into this level of deep personal network and global connection within only 1 year of time.

What do you like most about the ESCP Europe?

Other than the international influence as I mentioned above, the second most important would be flexible study duration for work/life balance. ESCP Europe offers you 6 different tracks in different locations. In case you miss out certain class, you will usually have the option to repeat in another campus. Further more, this program is preparing us from all perspective of our future high-level management role, not just the knowledge. We need to handle high stress workload, 12 hours per day, 6 days in a row intensive study. We need to get used to frequent travel, I top my record to 10 cities in 14 days during my Executive MBA.

Thank you very much, for this interesting interview! We wish you all the best for your studies.

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