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Tuesday 13 February 2018

Digital transformation: from Early Adopter to Leader

Paris, 13 February 2018 – European business school ESCP Europe and the international observatory NETEXPLO have joined forces to decipher the impact of digital transformation on the detection and training of Top Talents in companies. The results of a one-year study are presented at the first Talents Forum, held at UNESCO on 14 and 15 February 2018. Both institutions are also launching a 100% online programme, offered in exclusive preview to the Talents Forum participants.

An unprecedented event

On 14 and 15 February 2018, at UNESCO, ESCP Europe and NETEXPLO organize the first edition of the Talent Observatory Forum. Over 1.200 participants - business leaders and experts - will discover the results of a ground-breaking study conducted by Frank Bournois, Dean of ESCP Europe, and Alexandre Tissot, VP Management & Culture Expert Fellow NETEXPLO and PhD Student at ESCP Europe. The study involved hundreds of leaders from around the world and provides considerable insight on the evolution of talent in the digital age, and on the organisational and cultural consequences for companies. 

During the two-day Forum, the Netexplo Talent of the Year trophies will be awarded to 10 international experts and leaders in digital transformation.

Thierry Happe, President of NETEXPLO: "These trophies are our way to reward the extraordinary richness and diversity of the talents who contribute to the digital revolution. We can see to what extent this revolution requires the emergence of expertise, cross-competencies and complementary skills. From this point of view, ESCP Europe's expertise made it the ideal partner!"

An international study

The study was conducted on three pillars:

  • Talent Foresight: the specific interviews of 20 leading experts and promising talents from the digital world in order to understand their career paths and their viewpoints on 10 major technologies that are genuine game changers for companies (Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Social Media, Blockchain, Connected Health Solutions, Gaming, Connected Devices, Cybersecurity, and 3D Printers); 
  • Talent Corporate: 70 qualitative interviews of professionals in charge of digital and transformation projects, conducted with 7 founding companies and partners of the Observatoire des Talents.
  • Talent Survey: 700 people interviewed in specifically targeted countries, in partnership with the IFOP. The survey not only enables an understanding of current evolutions but also allows for a snapshot of expectations and results obtained in recent years.

Frank Bournois: "Both in companies and in education, the digital sphere is often still felt as something new, but somewhat apart. As the Dean of ESCP Europe, I wanted to look personally into the far-reaching and cultural implications of the digital revolution for businesses. As an expert in the selection and guidance of top talents in companies, I was interested in in-depth insight in the impact on management and more particularly on leadership."

Alexandre Tissot : “The results of the study are strikingly salient: a new definition of talents and what is expected from them, a clarification of the position of digital in companies, a clear evolution of managerial culture, and eventually, in the long term, a new company form. The study sheds light on why, after 10 years of digital transformation, we are now at a tipping point and at a new stage in this exciting, sometimes disturbing, but always stimulating transformation.“

A new training offer 

The outcome and contents of the study have led to the creation of a “Digital Transformation Facilitator” certification, which the 1,200 participants of the forum will pass, in preview, during the two-day Forum. The 100% online certification will soon be launched by ESCP Europe both in English and in French.

The certificate targets several profiles:

  • Ambassadors and high potentials within a company,
  • IT and digital experts working alongside managers,
  • HR experts who will need to transform managerial culture and practices,
  • Talents identified as tomorrow's leaders whose awareness of these issues is essential.

Alongside the certificate, Frank Bournois announced the creation of an ESCP Europe taskforce in charge of the transformation of the school's teaching methods, acting upon the study's findings.

Frank Bournois: "When the Dean of a school himself works on it, a clear point is made of the extent to which the subject is not merely central in our strategy, but at the core of our mission. This study is a unique photograph of the needs and expectations of companies, present and future. ESCP Europe now holds all the cards to anticipate!"

The programme of the Talent Forum of 14-15 February 2018 is on line here

An overview of the study is available here (in French)

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