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Thursday 16 June 2011

Lobbying in the EU: great MEB students' presentations!

Having students work on the subject of lobbying in the European Union is an excellent opportunity to help them get into the reality and intricacies of the European Union today. Though officially registered in the EU, lobbies are indeed poorly known whereas they may exert tremendous influence on EU decision-makers.

The main objective of this exercise was to have the students work in groups on any lobby (business or non-business) they may be interested in and to manage to obtain maximum relevant information so as to understand the functioning of the EU and the key role lobbies play in pushing/blocking new legislation and in influencing the evolution of the single market.

Jury members:
- Pr. Pascal MORAND, ESCP Europe Dean
- Pr. Odile QUINTIN, former General Director of the DG Education and Culture and Special Advisor at the European Commission, affiliate Professor at ESCP Europe
- Pr. Maria KOUTSOVOULOU, ESCP Europe Academic Dean
- Pr. Olivier DELBARD, ESCP Europe Associate Professor
- Ms. Guilhène MARATIER-DECLETY, former director of International Relations at the CCIP
- Ms. Pascale MARTIN-SAINT-ETIENNE, Master in European Business Director

- Mr. Pascal ONRAED, Head of International Relations

At the end of the day, the best marks were given to the 3 following groups:

1. BP - Beyond Petroleum (Felix Reyes, Federica Nava, Manuel Sanz, Yogesh Shishodia, Amy Taylor)

2. British Association for Shooting and Conservation (Georgiana-Andra Oarga, Thibault Mortier, Claudia Pregger, Abhinav Dakalia, Christopher Draper)

3. Amnesty International (Marco Scomparin, Gabrielle Cieplik, Polina Schlicht, Priyesh Patel, Raj Sharma)

You can find their written presentations on the right. Congratulations to the students!


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