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You can Have It, an International Consulting Project turning into a promising start-up

Wednesday 09 July 2014

11 successful and ambitious International Consulting Projects presented by Executive MBA's!


11 Executive MBA teams with 4 to 6 participants presented their International Consulting Projects- June 15th and 18th

The International Consulting Project (ICP) is an in-depth business analysis of a situation faced by a company and results in recommendations to be implemented by the firm.

A key step of the learning dynamic of the Executive MBA, the ICP lasts for 8 to 12 months, and allows participants to use the concepts and tools presented during the programme:
- in a business context with which the participant is not familiar
- in collaboration with his/her employer or his start-up partners

More information about the International Consulting Project

From an International Consulting project to a promising start-up: You Can Have It

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