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Monday 05 March 2012

After the event: ACCA Business Ethics Workshop

On Wednesday, the 8th February 2012, ESCP Europe Students Meet Business society's 2nd event of the spring semester, the ACCA Business Ethics Workshop, was held at the ESCP London campus.

Clare Livermore and Paul Cannons of ACCA provided an overview of the accountancy business and its branches, before delivering a very engaging presentation on the ACCA qualifications and the wide range of opportunities it provides to its students and qualifiers. An incentivised quiz (proving that not only kids can be motivated by their sweet-tooth) was followed by an interactive case study, introducing the ethical dilemmas and issues corporations have to face and deal with on a daily basis. This enabled the Master in Management students in attendance to stop and think about their moral approach and rethink their strategy during a model hiring process situation.

The differences in the final conclusions of the three work groups proved the ambiguity in the business ethics concepts and certainly made the students realise how the slightest differences in theirunderstanding and decision-making processes and criteria can lead to wholly different outputs impacting upon the whole business, its employees and environment.

The short post-event networking session was an excellent end to yet another enjoyable career event organised by SMB for the benefit of their fellow students.

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