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Monday 04 June 2012

"Berlin-Paris… by bike!" A sporting exploit in the name of Europe

The 30th April 2012, three ESCP Europe students set out on an exceptional journey: Berlin-Paris by bike. On the 9th of May, after 10 days pedaling Vianney Dannel, Alexis Julien-Laferrière and Quentin Wuithier arrived at their destination, having covered an average of 130km per day. Accompanied by Mathieu Guy (a young osteopath carrying our research on electric assisted bikes), they experienced the wholesomeness of Europe first-hand, on the roads, in the towns, amongst local populations. Just days after their arrival, these three students share their European impressions with us and take stock of this extraordinary roadtrip.
Extracts from this exceptional European journey:

“This awesome trip began some months ago, when we (Alexis Julien-Laferrière, Quentin Wuithier, and Vianney Danel) decided, as students of the Master in Management at the Berlin campus of ESCP Europe to come back to France by an eco-friendly manner and which would enable us to discover lots of different parts of Germany and France. Cycling came naturally as the right solution.”  

“The German geography was quite a surprise for us, as none of us have ever travelled before by bike far from Berlin. (…) In a general way, the German roads were really in good condition for cycling, and were of very good quality, which enabled us to avoid lots of technical problems. One more time, we may speak about a German model as far as roads' quality is concerned... (German models seemed to be really fashionable in those times).”

“The beauty of the landscapes surprised us a lot, but not as much as the hospitality of people did. We were welcomed by almost everyone when we asked for some water or a place to camp! These numerous meetings were all good opportunities to discover lots of interesting things about everyday life in Germany.”

“The most skeptical were the children. Their favorite word was of course "Warum?". As a kind of answer, we used to speak about our taste for cycling, but also, for human adventure and this awesome feeling of free power: in life, a good team and a strong motivation are enough to make it possible climb up the highest mountains.”

“On the 9th of May 2012, after 1297km of continuous riding, we finally reached Paris, where lots of friends were waiting for us in the ESCP Europe campus. All of us will keep very good memories of this memorable human adventure (…). Surpassing physical limits is of course matter of training, but more importantly it is matter of mental force. The big lesson from these 10 days of sweat may finally be "Alone, you go faster; together, you go further" (trust it, it's an African proverb!)”

Please find all of the impressions and photos of this unique journey attached!

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