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Monday 25 August 2014

„Best Paper Presentation Award” of IAFDS 2014 goes to Martin Bierey, ESCP Europe Berlin

Martin Christian Bierey has won the „Best Paper Presentation Award” at the 7th International Accounting & Finance Doctoral Symposium 2014 (IAFDS) that took place from the 16th to 18th of June 2014 at the Trondheim Business School, Trondheim, Norway.

Among other twenty-five participating PhD students from twelve different countries, Martin has presented a paper entitled “Long-term effects of corporate misreporting: How long credit ratings reflect the risks arising from intentional misstatements?” In the study, co-authored with Martin Schmidt, he examines how long firms suffer from intentional misstatements.  The authors find out that subsequently to an intentional misstatement becoming publicly known, a firm’s credit rating is adversely affected for five years. The finding demonstrates that misreporting firms endure adverse consequences for an even longer period than documented in prior literature. By conducting a content analysis of rating reports, the authors were able to provide evidence on the types of risks that rating analysts are concerned of subsequently to a misstatement becoming publicly known: Most analysts were concerned of an increased liquidity risks that arises from misstatement-related bond covenant violations. In fact, this type of risk has been overlooked in prior misreporting literature.

Martin Christian Bierey is currently a PhD student and research associate with the Chair of International Accounting, ESCP Europe Berlin. His key research areas cover credit rating agencies' assessment of accounting quality and accounting for financial instruments.

Schmidt, M. / Bierey, M. (2014): Long-term effects of corporate misreporting - How long credit ratings reflect the risks arising from intentional misstatements, Best Paper Presentation Award, 7th International Accounting and Finance Doctoral Symposium, June 16-18, Trondheim, Norway.


For further questions please contact Martin Bierey, 0049-30-32007-196

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