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Tuesday 20 December 2011

Catch up: Anthony J. Evans in City AM

If you didn't see Prof. Anthony J. Evans' column for City AM last week - 'Government spending won't fix the economy' - you can still check it out online.

'When looking at investment data during the recent recession two key things emerge. The first is that UK investment (or "Gross Fixed Capital Formation") has not fully recovered (see top chart, below). It did bounce back, but once more the growth rate is negative.

However, to understand what is going on, it's important to look beyond the headline figure, and study the composition of investment...' (read more)

And since it's Tuesday, that means there's a new column, too. This week, Anthony takes on Santa: 'The tradition of gift-giving at Christmas is only possible because of an extended division of labour and globalisation.' (read more)

You can read all of Anthony's columns by clicking here.

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