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The Noisers from ESCP Europe: Maëva, Vincent, Selva, Béatrice, Marion and Chris.

Monday 26 March 2012

"Change It Yourself" - First edition of the competition in favor of social innovation

The NOISE (New Observatory of Social and Environmental Innovation) led by students from all 5 ESCP Europe campuses (also called Noisers) is organizing the first edition of the Change It Yourself  competition (CIY). CIY invites all European students below the age of 28 to rally within a team in favor of social innovation.
To participate in the competition, the team members have to identify a societal challenge they are concerned about, to find their own original and creative solution to the identified problem and to present their solution in a short video.

Each team should combine 3 variables in its project :

  • A theme (environment, social cohesion, precariousness.)
  • A target (the elderly, students, consumers, etc.)
  • An action (product, service, awareness campaign, etc.)

The objective is to answer the following question: “How does our action reach this particular target community on this particular theme ?”

The team must then create a prototype of its solution and make a video presentation that will be shown to the jury.

Three categories will compete (in French or in English):

  • Category CIY Students : for European students (in English)
  • Category CIY Juniors 1 : for high school students (in French)
  • Category CIY Junior 2 : for the youngest pupils from 3 to around 15 years old (in  French)

Each of the three categories has to types of prizes:

  • Public Prize (Facebook votes) : eco-friendly vouchers offered by our partners
  • NOISE Prize (jury of experts) : special meetings with key actors of Social & Environmental Innovation

« Make some noise ! »  about social and environmental innovation is the “Noisers’” leitmotiv. ESCP student and co-organizer of the CIY, Béatrice Nicouleaud highlights, « The young and even the very young can contribute and act for a sustainable change in our society. We want to give them the opportunity to act and improve their environment by themselves. We are convinced that inactivity does not come from a lack of interest or willingness from the citizens, but rather from a lack of information, models and opportunities.

Some of our partners
In order to mobilize the highest number of young people to participate in the competition, NOISE relies upon its network constituted by its partners with the schools.

  • MOUVES works with 100 000 entrepreneurs who visit school classes to raise the awareness of pupils from the age of 11 and above in France.
  • Atelier IDF  is in touch with the Paris area’s schools
  • Babyloan supports teachers to raise social and environmental  issues in class via its program Ma classe solidaire

Other partners support NOISE with their expertise in the area of social and environmental innovation:

All of them agreed to be members of the Jury of experts, as well as some ESCP Europe professors and former students working in the field of social and environmental innovation.

The CIY agenda
From March, 5th : registration opened on www.
April 2nd pre event on the campuses
May 1st: deadline to send in the videos at
Mid may: jury and awards

For any other information :

Press contact Noir sur Blanc Agency
Christine Cassabois, 01 41 43 72 85 ; Mihaela Fiordean, 01 41 43 72 75.

Press contact ESCP Europe
Emmanuelle Tessier-Solaz, 01 49 23 20 16.

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