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Tuesday 06 October 2015

Cultural diversity of the Executive MBA class a priority on the ESCP Europe agenda

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmid is the new Academic Dean for the Executive MBA programme. In his address to the EMBA community he emphasizes how the C4B (Cultures for Business) will be implemented in this multi-campus programme:

I am very happy to serve as the new Academic Dean for our Executive MBA programme at ESCP Europe. Having joined ESCP Europe’s Faculty in 2002, I have rich experience in research as well as teaching across all programmes and all campuses within the School.

It will come as no surprise that, as a professor of International Management and Strategy, one of my major ambitions is to further develop the international dimension of our flagship offer for executives – even more Europeanization in our programme philosophy, additional internationalization of the contents and increasing cultural diversity of the Executive MBA class are priorities on my agenda.

Already in 2016 there will be three new electives focusing specifically on the international facets of business, assisting our participants to perfectly meet major challenges in a globalized world. Maintaining and even improving the quality of our Executive MBA programme will be crucial to me during the next years.

It will be the blend of disseminating knowledge, developing skills, fostering the leadership potential and providing networking opportunities across different study tracks that will make the ESCP Europe experience a truly unique experience for all Executive MBA participants.

I am excited to work with all of you – applicants, participants, faculty, staff, alumni, sponsoring companies and the business community in general!

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmid, ESCP Europe Berlin Campus  

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