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Tuesday 30 April 2013

Data Analysis Should Be a Social Event

Professor Marie Taillard, Academic Director of ESCP Europe's Msc in Marketing & Creativity and the Executive Master in Marketing & Creativity, and Director of the School's Creativity Marketing Centre, joined forces with Judy Bayer, Director of Strategic Analytics at Teradata EMEA, to look at the social aspects of analytics.

In a blog published by the Harvard Business Review, Taillard and Bayer discussed the creative processes required to really make the most of Big Data:

"Psychologists believe that creativity flourishes in social contexts, as thoughts are translated into words, objects or images and in turn reformulated into ideas (this is one of the reasons why visualization of data is so valuable). On the management side, there is increasing evidence that co-creative processes involving consumers and other stakeholders can have a transformative effect on key processes such as new product development.

"Here's how it works in data analysis. You put together ad-hoc teams that involve not only analysts with relevant domain expertise but also represent skills from other domains, which brings new ways of thinking to old analytical problems. Over a short two or three day period the team will brainstorm around the problem involved and bring together as much data and as many analytical frameworks as they can to both frame up the problem and outline potential solutions or at least pathways to solutions."

You can read the full article by visiting the Harvard Business Review online.

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