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Wednesday 24 June 2015

Declaration of MEB students Class of 2015 about Europe

We the Students of the 2015 class of the Master in European Business, believe in a Europe of constructive and fruitful cooperation.

We believe that European integration is the solution and not the problem to the economic and political challenges that our continent is faced with today.

The history of European integration after WW2 is an unparalleled success story which not only brought peace but also prosperity and economic development to millions of Europeans. As such the model of European integration served as a role model for other types of regional integration worldwide such as ASEAN, Mercosur, the Gulf Cooperation Council and the African Union.

The political, social as well as cultural heritage of European integration forms the backbone of European businesses. All of Europe’s plentiful businesses, whether global player or local entrepreneur, are a key part of today’s EU. While they are relying on the stable and conducive conditions which the EU has been providing, they are the cornerstone of our prosperity and our future development. To ensure this supportive environment for future generations, we believe it is imperative that the EU successfully addresses today’s many challenges, ranging from the need to reform our economic system, to social security, immigration and asylum, as well as energy security.

Master in European Business

However, support for EU cooperation does not mean turning a blind eye to obvious shortcomings. Mistakes were made and need to be addressed. We are concerned about the high level of unemployment, in particular among the youth, in large parts of Europe. The financial and euro crisis, which are one of the roots of today’s economic difficulties, are not over yet. We are hence welcoming calls for a reform of the European economic system. Steps such as the creation of the Banking Union are pointing into the right direction, but more must be done to ensure a long-lasting and sustainable economic growth. Only through growth can we consolidate our national budgets and ensure people’s jobs, prosperity and hence the future of our generation. As Business students we see the connection between the social and the economic issues and we believe that economic progress is the base for Europe’s future success.

In this light, we want to speak out in favour of an open-minded, tolerant, just and multicultural society. Diversity is one of the core strengths of Europe and has fostered innovation, development and progress. We are hence concerned about the growing support of anti-European voices. This phenomenon has been demonstrated by the recent elections in France and the U.K., but also elsewhere in Europe.

We, as an international and future-orientated programme are worried about this trend and see the need to get involved. To do our part we have launched the “MEB European Debate” with two initial debates in Paris and London. Our goal is that future MEB students continue these debates and engage with important actors of the European political and economic scene throughout the five ESCP Europe campuses. These debates shall provide a forum for discussion on the EU’s current and future challenges while highlighting the importance of EU cooperation for the business environment.

The Students of the Master in European Business – Class of 2015


About the programme
The ESCP Europe Master in European Business (MEB) is an intensive general management programme taught over one year across two countries of your choice. Based on an MBA-style curriculum with a cross-cultural approach, the MEB is a life-changing programme which concludes with a business degree at an international level. It provides an excellent connection to the world of business and a solid foundation for an international management career across a wide range of sectors, organisations and positions.

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