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Wednesday 22 March 2017

ESCP Europe Doctoral Programme: Call for Application

"Circular Economy, business-model innovation and institutional transformations"

We open a doctoral position @ESCP Europe financed by the European-Union H2020 Research Project R2π Transition from linear 2 circular: policy and innovation

The linear ‘take, make and dispose’ model of our economy relies on large quantities of resources and energy, and as such is increasingly unfit for the reality in which it operates, characterized by resource and fossil energy constraints and abundant waste. The increasingly popular concept of circular economy refers to an economy that is restorative by intention; aims to rely on renewable energy, to minimize the use of toxic elements, to transform waste (squandered resources) into renewed inputs for transformation and to reduce its global amount through careful and responsible design of products.

Circular economy fosters a new vision of the treatment of resources, energy, value creation and entrepreneurship. It also requires rethinking business models to integrate circularity into the strategic, organizational and operational activities of organizations.

The scope of circular economy goes beyond intra-organizational mechanisms of production of goods and services: it also calls for a shift from ownership to usage, extends the responsibility of corporations to integrate the environmental externalities they create, and requires fostered collaboration and synergies among companies, customers, public actors / regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders. Accordingly, it is a multi-level process involving both business-model innovation and wider institutional transformations.
How may the principles of the circular economy be integrated in a business-model? What types of institutional transformations (in terms of regulation, management doctrines, tools to measure externalities, new actors such as eco-organisms in charge of field collective action) may contribute to mainstreaming Circular economy business models across organizations and sectors?

Circular economy offers an interesting empirical setting to enrich business model theory as well as institutional research, in tight collaboration with companies which are currently engaging projects in the CE field.
We are thus looking for PhD applicants wishing to develop a research project at the crossroads between business model innovation and institutional research. English fluency, strong academic potential, good writing skills, team-work abilities and interest for empirical research are required.

As part of the PhD project, the doctoral candidate will be involved on a part-time basis in an ongoing European Project on Circular Economy to conduct case analysis and develop pedagogical material related to business model innovation, providing him/her access to empirical innovations and a high-level network of scientific, public and private organizations in the circular economy field, at the European level.

Important deadlines:

Candidates should apply to the ESCP Europe doctoral programme by May 11, 2017.

Any information about the project may be obtained by writing to the two supervising Professors: Aurélien Acquier & Valentina Carbone.

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