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Wednesday 14 July 2010

Eastern bloc renews bid to become high tech hub

"When it comes to the business of information technology, Russia is a slumbering giant," says Information Age. While the former centre of the Soviet Union is able to produce talented graduates, her industrial focus is found elsewhere. Leaving talent out in the cold has resulted in a so-called 'brain drain', with professionals leaving former-Soviet countries for better job prospects.

However, President
Dmitri Medvedev seems set to change all that with plans to create a 'tech cluster' to rival California's Silicon Valley. Anthony Evans is skeptical:

"The successful clusters tend to be the ones that emerge fairly spontaneously, because they're a genuinely conducive environment to business," explains Anthony Evans, a professor of economics at London's ESCP Europe Business School. "It's very difficult to know in advance what kind of cluster is appropriate for a particular geographical location."

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