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Tuesday 19 January 2016

EMEM – Spotlight on the Energy Master class 2015/16

Business Organisation and Entrepreneurship –that was one of the topics of the EMEM’s 2nd module taking place in Berlin in November. Who of the participants would have thought to end up after only one day of workshop with a business idea in mind and a prototype in the hands to show around at the Charlottenburg Christmas market!

What plastic cups and a bunch of coloured post-its have to do with Energy Management:

Jacqueline Fendt, Scientific Director of the Chair of Entrepreneurship, Paris campus, lead an inspiring session using the design thinking method. This method is everything but theoretical. All day, the teams were busy with business modelling, planning, validating, prototyping, testing and pitching innovation. While the room turned into a mess with colored papers, boxes, scissors, glue, yoghurt canes on and under the tables, ideas became more concrete and business models were developed. In the end three groups pitched their ideas on city transport amelioration, protection against robbery, and easing consumption.

According to Jacqueline Fendt, the purpose of the workshop is to show entrepreneurship independent of its locus, as a competency, a mindset and a method to craft new solutions, products, services, and/or processes to respond to markets and societal challenges. Thus, the design thinking workshop serves as a tool to bring across general management and energy specific topics.

The two-week module in Berlin also consisted of company visits among which were the E.ON Berlin Representative Office and start-ups at the EUREF campus which focus on renewable energy solutions. The traditional evening event Klartext Energie focused on the challenges and opportunities of the Energiewende. Hosted by Sylvie Geisendorf, Academic Director of the Executive Master in Energy Management in Berlin, politicians and practitioners discussed the topic. The panel discussion was documented by a graphic recorder — a summary of the evening is available.

And if you want to learn more about the EMEM, just click here or contact Dominic Hammer, Manager of the programme.

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