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Wednesday 09 June 2010

ESCP Europe Appoints Professor Frédéric Fréry Dean of the European Executive MBA Programme

Professor Frédéric Fréry was appointed Dean of the European Executive MBA programme, taking over from Professor Philippe Gabilliet, who held the post from 2004-2010.

Professor Fréry has been a member of the ESCP Europe faculty since 1991.

From 2001 to 2005, he served as the Dean of the Full-time MBA Programme; since 2007, he has held the KPMG Risk Strategy and Business Performance Chair.

He is the author of numerous books and articles, mainly about strategy and innovation.

“In a multi-facetted economy, one-size-fits-all solutions are irrelevant,” says Professor Fréry. “In order to overcome the most recent business challenges, our curriculum solves the global/local dilemma in an unparalleled way. Because we think innovation consists in questioning taken-for-granted assumptions, our learning environment is based on a variety of perspectives.”

Alongside Marianne Conde Salazar, who has been the MBA Programme Director since 2005, the appointment ushers in a new era of programme innovation, designed to attract the best international executive participants.

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