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Friday 09 May 2014

ESCP Europe Entrepreneurs Wanted!

We are incredibly proud of the number of entrepreneurs who have honed their ideas and built a business using skills they acquired during their time at ESCP Europe.

Entrepreneurship is a key part of both the postgraduate and executive programmes at the School, and as such we are excited to invite students to take part in EntEx, the Entrepreneurship Experience Programme.

EntEx are organising 2014 summer schools for young people, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and those wanting to know more about entrepreneurship, in five cities in Europe: London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bucharest and Berlin.

Taking a proven concept, based on a practical approach and direct interactions with successful entrepreneurs, the participants will work in teams with the coaching support of an experienced professional and learn to write their own guidelines on how to become an entrepreneur.

Participants will learn:

  • The ability to work in and to lead a team
  • To seek critical information from experienced entrepreneurs
  • To network effectively to identify who can help you (and who you can help) in the pursuit of your business/career
  • To manage both routine and project work effectively and to recognise the difference between the two
  • To develop and present a coherent and compelling argument to attract the support of a key influencer/investor
  • To be able to motivate yourself and your co-workers both to perform for today and to develop for tomorrow

All these skills have been identified as key to any project by successful entrepreneurs at previous EntEx events.

ESCP Europe students will receive a 25% discount simply by entering the code ESCP2014 when signing up.

If you would like more information on joining this event, please visit the EntEx website.

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