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Monday 15 October 2012

ESCP Europe Executive MBA recognised by the Financial Times

The ESCP Europe Executive MBA programme has placed in the global top 3 for international business exposure, and 5th in the world for career progression. Salary increase three years after graduation is 77% on average.

Published on 15th October, 2012, the annual Financial Times EMBA rankings singled out the programme for its excellence in two main areas: international business exposure and career progression achieved.

For the criteria related to international exposure, the School gained the number 2 spot worldwide in the category of international student body, and number 3 for international course experience. The School’s 5 campuses located in major cities across Europe (Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid and Torino) provide the environment that makes this possible.

“ESCP Europe continues to be ranked well on criteria important to our strategy as an international program for diverse, talented executives focused on taking their international career to the next level,” says Professor Frédéric Fréry, the Programme Dean. “Our 21st position in the overall ranking worldwide underlines the importance of the programme’s global business learnings.

It is interesting to note that the Executive MBA market is truly global. Among the top 25 programmes in the world, 10 are partner programmes between schools on different continents, 4 each are at US- and Asian-based institutions, and only 7 are from individual European schools.

Valérie Madon, the Programme Director adds, “With such an outstanding average increase in salary, it is clear that the ESCP Europe EMBA leverages career progression. It is deeply rewarding to see the achievements of our alumni and the value of the ESCP Europe EMBA recognised so publicly.”

The data gathered for the rankings is culled from participants who graduated three years ago. The career growth achieved by the Class of 2009 afforded ESCP Europe the global no. 5 spot in the 2012 career progression category.

Moving up 10 places for the overall ranking (all criteria combined) among the 100 programmes included in the survey, the School is solidly placed in the top Executive MBA programmes in Europe, notably no. 2 in Germany and 3 in France.

Edouard Husson, newly appointed Dean of the School states “ESCP Europe has a true European identity which enables the provision of a unique style of business education and a global perspective on management issues. This positioning is well reflected in the latest Executive MBA ranking.”

For more information, visit the ESCP Europe Executive MBA webpages or contact Jeanne Weckler.
Mail - +33(0)149 232 759.

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