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Friday 04 March 2016

ESCP Europe launches "Cross-Cultural Management – the European Approach", a European Summer Programme

ESCP Europe is pleased to announce the first edition of its multi-campus European Summer Programmes (ESP), exclusive summer programmes run across our European campuses. 

Among these programmes, ESCP Europe’s Cross-Cultural Management Programme is the perfect match for any undergraduate students currently enrolled in Bachelor programmes looking for an opportunity to reinforce their understanding of the European business environment. It offers a unique experience combining
45 hours of courses and a cultural immersion in three European cities (Turin, Paris, and Berlin) over a period of three weeks (one week in each city from June 27th to July 15th 2016). A successful completion of this summer programme awards students with 6 ECTS credits and a course completion certificate.

The basic assumption of this programme is that globalisation does not mean standardisation. Learning how to make the most of cultural diversity is a must. On this track, students from many different cultures will experience an intercultural journey through three European countries (Italy, France, and Germany). Participants will learn core competences in contemporary cross-cultural management combining European and global perspectives. The Track includes courses, extra-curricular activities linked to the programme and optional activities.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the key influence of culture, its benefits and constraints, when making and implementing decisions in an international environment;
  • Enhancing intercultural competences in mapping the diversity in world business cultures, local consumer knowledge and efficient cross-border management style;
  • Enlarging networks and management skills to adapt internationally with personal confidence.

The Programme has been designed by Nathalie Prime, an experienced scientific director: she is a Professor of International Marketing and Cross-Cultural Management at the ESCP Europe Paris Campus. She is currently the Chair of the European Department of Marketing and the Academic Director of the International Business Management Major (Master 2).

For any additional information, feel free to visit our web pages or to contact Ms Drancourt-de Lasteyrie (Email).

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