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Friday 24 February 2017

ESCP Europe signs LGBT Charter of Commitment

ESCP Europe, the international business school with six integrated campuses across the continent, has signed a charter to formalise its commitment to the rights and freedoms of its LGBT community.

The Charter of Commitment was drawn up in conjunction with the school’s diversity association, ESCAPE, with the aim of confronting and dealing with any discrimination linked to sexual orientation and gender diversity.

Under the terms of the Charter, ESCP Europe specifically undertakes to:

  • Create an inclusive environment for LGBT people
  • Ensure quality of rights and treatment for all students irrespective of their sexual orientation or identity
  • Support people who are victims of discriminatory acts or remarks
  • Measure progress and share best practice to ensure the environment for LGBT people continues to develop and evolve in a positive way

"We believe we have always had an extremely positive attitude towards the benefits of diversity, not just within our student body, but across our whole stakeholder community," says Frank Bournois, Dean of ESCP Europe. “However we also believe it is now time to formalise our commitment to creating and sustaining the most positive possible environment for LGBT people. Only through concrete changes in culture and habits can we ensure that continued progress is made in addressing issues of sexual orientation or gender identity and we believe that this charter will create a robust platform for achieving this laudable aim.”

Maud Autrechy
+33 (1) 49 23 27 89 

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