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Friday 29 July 2016

ESCP Europe's students at the European Innovation Academy

An interesting conversation  about their experience with Nicola Bonicelli, Wannes Hubloux , Lorenzo Saudino and Federico Vietti, the ESCP Europe's students awarded with a scholarship to participate to EIA Turin.

The European Innovation Academy, the most  innovative Summer Program focused on innovation that annually hosts 300 participants from over 65 different countries, in 2016 has reached Turin. 

Indeed, EIA has chosen the capital of Piedmont as its base for the next few years thanks to a partnership with the Politecnico of Turin. ESCP Europe Turin Campus, which signed a partnership agreement with the EIA last May, has provided scholarships to 4 ESCP Europe new students selected for the Master in Management and the Master in European Business to participate to the entrepreneurial acceleration program from July 10 to July 29.

Now that the program is almost over, we interviewed our outstanding students about this experience.

You are attending the EIA thanks to a scholarship provided by ESCP Europe. What do you think of this opportunity?

Lorenzo Saudino – MIM student: “It's a unique chance to prove what we have learnt and to experiment  positive competition with some of the best students from all around the world. In these two weeks we made many mistakes, but we learnt from our failures really fast, since we wanted to reach our goal”.

Nicola Bonicelli – MIM student: “I think it’s an amazing opportunity because we can improve our professional and personal skills, working on a real project with successful mentors within a really international environment. Attending EIA we have improved our network and abilities”.

Federico Vietti – MIM student: “Attending the EIA program is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You have the chance to work with highly motivated people in a multicultural environment, supported by the best mentors from all over the world. Moreover, every day successful business men, Mr. John Elkann just to mention one, and professionals give talks full of amazing advice”.

Wannes Hubloux – MEB student: “I’m absolutely enthusiastic about this chance ESCP Europe gave me! To me this is an opportunity to learn more about startups and meet new and interesting people from all over the world”. 

What did you expect from this 3-week programme and how have your expectations changed now that you are here?

Nicola Bonicelli: “Honestly I thought EIA was just a simple convention, with important speakers and mentors and with a small percentage of guys from abroad, but I discovered it is far more. EIA is really international, and I would like to underline it three times! There are people from US, Europe, South America and Asia. Moreover, we worked on our project and we worked on our ideas. They strongly believe in every team and they are helping everyone a lot”.

Federico Vietti: “Before starting the EIA I was pretty sure that my startup would be successful, I built my team around this idea and I was ready to start. But at the very beginning of the program I realized that in order to create an interesting product for investors I would have to change something! I put my pride aside and with my group we started working on something new using the foundations of the original idea. At EIA everything is in discussion and everything has to change”.

Wannes Hubloux: “I expected it to be hard and to involve a lot of work with not much time for anything but work. However, the EIA team and volunteers managed to create a good balance between work and fun”.

How was the impact with the international atmosphere at EIA?

Lorenzo Saudino: “Being part of a multicultural team opens your mind and shows you how many points of views can exist concerning the same problem. Communication is the base of a good team work and if you share the same determination you will not feel the language limits”.

What did you like most about EIA?

Federico Vietti: “The thing that I’ve liked most about EIA is that everything is called into discussion. You have to be open-minded if you want to succeed, you have to listen to your teammates, you have to trust them and choose the best solution for the group. Furthermore  I’ve appreciated the possibility to interact with speakers and mentors, asking them for suggestions and sharing my thoughts to improve myself”.

Do you have any advice for the people attending  EIA in the future?

Lorenzo Saudino: “Be prepared for failure! It's a big part of your success, because if you're always doing great you’ll never question yourself. Secondly, try to work with people that are very different from you so you can get out of your comfort zone”.

Nicola Bonicelli: “Yes, I would like to suggest not to be shy. EIA is a really international and friendly environment, here you can meet really nice people to share an amazing experience with, and new friends. I would like to suggest to talk with the most people you can, sharing your life experience, asking and giving advice. I would also like to suggest following lectures, mentors’ suggestions and  doing your best every day: if your idea fails, you will acquire soft and technical skills about business development, team working and project management that will surely be useful in your future job”.

In September you are going to start your studies at ESCP Europe, what are you expecting?

Federico Vietti: “ESCP Europe Master in Management is worldwide known as one of the best master programs, I’m sure I will find a challenging environment where ambitious students start building their international careers. I’m expecting to become a member of ESCP Europe family, making friends that will last for a lifetime life and improving my network”. 

Wannes Hubloux: “Good education in a beautiful city! am already falling in love with Turin and think I will continue to do so. As for  education, I expect the lectures to be of high quality and that I will expand my professional network with diverse and interesting people”.

Lorenzo Saudino: “ESCP Europe represents my opportunity to prepare myself for an international carrier collaborating with brilliant students boosted by their passion and ambition. Also I expect to learn advanced management techniques in a more practical way working on real corporate cases”.

Nicola Bonicelli: “I expect to find a really international, motivated and well prepared environment, where I can learn and improve a lot. During these three years I will meet great guys and professionals from all the world, I will do three internships and I will travel in three countries. I am very motivated to do my best and grow, both as man and as professional”.

The European Innovation Academy ends on Friday, July 29th, with the EIA Grand Pitching at Intesa Sanpaolo Tower with the announcement of the Top 10 EIA Turin 2016 winners.

The best ideas developed during the European Innovation Academy will be financed and supported when launched on the market.

Good luck to our students!

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