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Wednesday 28 May 2014

European management: Insights from the history of business schools

Andreas M. Kaplan, ESCP Europe Professor, published a scientific article titled "European management and European business schools: Insights from the history of business schools" in the European Management Journal, the prime academic publication outlet for research in all fields of management that advances management theory and practice in Europe.

In this publication, Professor Kaplan starts with a brief reminder of the creation of the world’s oldest business school: ESCP Europe! Then, he analyses the history of business schools and identifies specific characteristics that are common to European management schools.  On the basis of these characteristics, European management is subsequently defined as cross-cultural, societal management based on an interdisciplinary approach.

Furthermore, Professor Kaplan takes a closer look at how European business schools should prepare their students for the unique European management context that is based on the aforementioned definition of European management. The article suggests that European business schools should provide courses on cross-cultural management and courses explaining the interdependencies between the private and the public sector, offer students opportunities to experience other cultures over the course of their studies, and teach management from an interdisciplinary and practically-oriented perspective.

The paper concludes that as a result of increasing globalisation and therefore an amplified need for cross-cultural competencies, European management education should be on the rise in the coming years. Main challenges of the future such as cultural diversity and differences in cultural values have been on the curricula of European business schools for ages with the old continent holding maximum cultural diversity at minimal geographical distances.

Andreas Kaplan is Professor of Marketing and Communications at ESCP Europe, where he currently is member of the School's executive committee. Professor Kaplan furthermore is part of the steering committee of heSam University, a cluster of 15 well-known institutions for research and higher education in the humanities and social sciences, regrouping approximately 60,000 students and 3000 academics. Habilitated from the Sorbonne, Professor Kaplan holds a PhD from Cologne University/ HEC, an MPA from ENA, an MSc from ESCP Europe, and a BSc from the University of Munich.

Kaplan, Andreas M. (2014) European management and European business schools: Insights from the history of business schools, European Management Journal

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