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Friday 17 April 2015

Executive Master in Energy Management: ESCP Europe fördert Female Leadership mit Frauenstipendium

Für die EMEM-Teilnehmerinnen stellt die ESCP Europe regelmäßig Frauenstipendien im Wert von 3.000 Pfund bereit - das Angebot richtet sich an Frauen mit Führungsqualitäten. Wer die Förderung erhält, entscheidet ein Gremium bestehend aus ESCP Europe-Fakultätsmitgliedern, dem EMEM-Programmdirektor und Alumni. Wir stellen die Stipendiatin des aktuellen Jahrgangs vor: Celia Martinez. Sie ist Proposals Engineer bei SPIE Oil & Gas Services, 31 Jahre alt und lebt in Paris.

ESCP Europe: Celia Martinez, what appeals to you most about the Executive Master in Energy Management at ESCP Europe?
Celia Martinez: I find really interesting and enriching the mixture of cultures, backgrounds and nationalities among both participants and lecturers. It gives you a real international perspective about the Energy Market and at the same time it broadens your mind also from a personal point of view.

ESCP Europe: How did you find out about the Scholarship for Women?
Celia Martinez: I was checking on the ESCP Europe web page about different possibilities to finance the programme and I was glad to see the Scholarship for Women. I think it is very important to encourage women to participate in Executive Programs and go further in their education in order to increase their presence in highly qualified jobs.

ESCP Europe: Do you see your participation in the programme as a springboard for your career progression?
Celia Martinez: Yes, of course I see my participation in this programme as a springboard to progress in my career. When I decided to apply for this programme I wanted to broaden my knowledge on Energy policies and Energy economics in order to gain new competences in addition to the technical ones that I have as an engineer. But in fact after several months of studying, I have realized that I am not only learning about policy and economics, but about many other aspects of the energy world that I didn't even know that existed. So yes, I think this programme will help me reorient my career and search for new professional perspectives. 

Many thanks for the talk and best wishes for continued success!

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