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Friday 04 March 2016

"Experiencing Entrepreneurship in Europe": ESCP Europe launches a European Summer Programme

ESCP Europe is pleased to announce the first edition of its multi-campus European Summer Programmes (ESP), exclusive summer programmes run across our European countries. 

Among these programmes, ESCP Europe’s Experiencing Entrepreneurship in Europe Programme is the perfect match for any undergraduate students currently enrolled in Bachelor programmes looking for an opportunity to reinforce their entrepreneurial skills and capacity for innovation.

It offers a unique experience combining 45 hours of courses and a cultural immersion in two European cities (Paris and Berlin) over a period of three weeks (10 days in Paris, 7 days in Berlin from June 29 to July 15 2016). A successful completion of this summer programme awards students with 6 ECTS credits and a course completion certificate.

The Programme will not only include in-class training but also help students to experience Entrepreneurship through art. Visits to unexpected places in Paris and Berlin like film studios, or certain museums, will enable them to acquire field experience; to write Business Plans and to create artistic prototypes, under the guidance of professional investors, entrepreneurs or artists. This original process facilitates out-of-the-box thinking and creative ideas, allowing students to find solutions to successfully scale up their initial project!

Learning outcomes:

  • Entrepreneurial reasoning (e.g. effectuation theory), creativity (techniques and methods);
  • Leadership (adapted to an uncertain environment);
  • Agile method (e.g. scrum), fast prototyping;
  • Entrepreneurial Finance – equity, business planning, entrepreneurial eco-systems.

The Programme has been designed by Sylvain Bureau, an expert and scientific director: he holds a PhD in Management Science from École Polytechnique and is an Associate Professor in entrepreneurship at ESCP Europe. His research and classes focus on entrepreneurship, combining various disciplines like Humanities and Art. For several years he has been developing innovative experiments to teach entrepreneurship. He also has a keen interest in new technologies and their impact on societies.

For any additional information, feel free to visit our web pages or to contact Ms Drancourt-de Lasteyrie (Email).

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