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Wednesday 01 March 2017

Fit for the economy of the future: New electives for ESCP Europe’s Executive MBA

Over the last few years, the challenges companies face have changed.

Accelerated globalization, political uncertainties, digitalization and the shortened product cycles delivered by technological innovations can only be mastered by managers with flexibility and new skills.

ESCP Europe has responded to these challenges by introducing new electives for its Executive MBA.

Lifelong learning has become essential for today’s executives. Alongside its compulsory courses, ESCP Europe’s Executive MBA now offers its part-time students the opportunity to customise their curriculum by choosing from a portfolio of more than 50 electives. The new electives include Managing Uncertainty, Virtual Management and Big Data.

Managing Uncertainty
This course aims to develop a nuanced understanding of entrepreneurial uncertainty as opposed to risk. The course’s main focus is on developing an understanding of entrepreneurship that emphasises challenges as opportunities. Discussion will centre on methods to flexibly manage entrepreneurial uncertainty, their implementation within companies and the consequences of these methods for a company’s management.

Virtual Leadership
In modern companies, executives and employees do not always work in the same place and international teams have to contend with geographic separation and differing cultural backgrounds. Telework, virtual offices and virtual teams are already an everyday reality. Existing management training programmes have so far devoted little attention to such developments. The Virtual Leadership elective focuses on the challenges of this new world of work and enables students to acquire the methodological competences required for successful leadership in virtual and transnational environments.

Big Data
Digitization means that the volume of data available to executives is growing exponentially. But only those who have the right tools to collect, integrate and analyse large amounts of data in a structured way will reap the full benefits and make the right decisions. Consultants, companies, financial institutions and government organizations have all significantly expanded the ways in which they use analytical methods to solve economic challenges. This course demonstrates how Big Data can be used intelligently and effectively in all areas of the economy.

ESCP Europe's Executive MBA programme has added six new electives to enable personal specialisation.
In addition to Managing Uncertainty, Virtual Leadership and Big Data, the portfolio of electives now includes European Tax and Financial Impacts on Management, Customer Value Management and Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Students can complete the Executive MBA programme part-time in 18 or 30 months, alongside their regular jobs. The programme includes nine core courses, ten electives, five international seminars (in the USA, China, Brazil and India) and one international consulting project.

The ESCP Europe Executive MBA is currently ranked No. 12 worldwide and No. 1 in Germany by the Financial Times. The latest course started in January 2017 with 100 participants from 30 different countries. The next course for students who want to complete the Berlin-London track or the international track is due to start in January 2018.

Video of the 2017 orientation week.

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