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Tuesday 07 February 2012

Free marketing webinar: how businesses can pitch the right messages to staff

Log on to The Marketer's free webinar tomorrow at 1:00pm to listen to three marketing experts discuss how businesses can pitch the right messages to staff.

One of the three aforementioned experts is our very own Professor Marie Taillard, Director of the popular Master in Marketing & Creativity programme which runs at our London and Paris campuses.

The webinar will help viewers:

  • Understand internal marketing - what constitutes best practice to change or reinforce employee behaviour
  • Deliver a project to educate staff about new business practices and products
  • Learn about the methods and tools that can be used to bring about change
  • Understand the difficulties that typically occur - and how to avoid them and ensure staff and the business are moving in the same direction

You can register for the event in advance here.

The webinar was recorded and is now available online.

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