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Thursday 12 April 2012

G8 & G20 Youth Summits and Youth 20 with Quentin Michel and Camille Bergère

Quentin and Camille are students in ESCP Europe. This summer they will take part in the french delegation to the Youth G20 & G8 Washington Submit and the Y20 Puebla (Mexico). Those events are negociations about the real topics of the G20 with students from all over the world.

Quentin Michel (Master in Management 2011) studied Business and Economics at ESCP Europe in London and Paris. His interest in international affairs and belief in multilateral diplomacy led him to apply to be on the French delegation to the 2012 G8/G20 Youth Summits.

The selection process included a mock negotiation session in which Quentin took part as a member of the Economics & Finance committee. It proved a great opportunity for him to interact with other like-minded students and realise the amount of work needed to grasp the topics under debate and be able to negotiate and represent one's country.

Acting as the Minister of Economic Affairs for the French delegation, Quentin is looking forward to experiencing some of the realities and constraints of multilateral negotiations and to meeting his fellow counterparts from the other G20 nations.

Camille Bergère, 20, is also a student in ESCP Europe (Master in Management 2014). Of dual nationality, both French and Mexican, she is particularly attracted to international affairs: as such she would like to pursue an international career in a corporation or a multilateral institution.

She participated to the Model G20 organized by Youth Diplomacy in January, at which she represented Mexico in the Economics and Finance committee. This week-end of negotiations on real-life world issues was a very interesting experience. It enabled her to get a better grasp of today’s challenges and how to confront them.

Consequently, she has been selected to form part of the French delegation as the “minister” in charge of Economics for the Youth 20 forum that will be taking place in Puebla (Mexico) in May.

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