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Thursday 20 November 2014

Heineken Wants to Play Santa With an At-Home Beer Tap

If you're a beer fan and like the idea of having a cold pint literally on tap in your own home, then keep an eye out for Heineken's new at-home draft dispenser, The Sub.

Bloomberg Business Week took at look at the product, due to arrive in the UK in 2015, and asked Ben Voyer, Professor of Marketing at ESCP Europe's London campus to comment on what this tells us about 'at-home' market trends.

The Sub's upscale design plays into the growing trend of more refined at-home drinking—fancy cocktails, fine wine, craft beer—which "communicates a certain status" among consumers, says Ben Voyer, a social psychologist at the ESCP Europe Business School. While mainstream beer volumes are falling, sales of premium-priced beers such as Heineken's Affligem and the tequila-flavored Desperados are on the rise. In Italy, half of all Torps sold are Affligem, an ale started at a Belgian abbey founded in 1074.

You can read the full article by visiting Bloomberg Business Week online.

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