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Thursday 18 January 2018

How Lanieri combines innovation, tradition and excellence

An interview with Juan Camilo Franco Serna, Lanieri Head of Customer Experience

A few weeks ago, ESCP Europe Turin campus hosted a special guest: Juan Camilo Franco Serna, Lanieri’s Head of Customer Experience.

During the MBA in International Management "Big data and tech trends" class, taught by Paolo Neirotti, he spoke about how Lanieri embraced the digital innovation challenge thereby becoming the first ecommerce to propose entirely Made in Italy, made-to-measure men's clothing online

Lanieri is one of the hottest startups in the country. It is ranked in the top ten of Italian startups, as recently announced during the StartupItalia! Open Summit 2017.

Before the lesson began, the Affiliate Professor Paolo Neirotti and Francesca Pucciarelli, Academic Director of MBA in IM for the Turin Campus, met Juan Franco to talk about the innovations developed by the brand and how it cooperates with Biella textile mills, the  renowned area in Piedmont famous for its excellence in the fabric sector.

What are Lanieri’s core competencies?

Lanieri is the first company to offer a Made to Measure Made in Italy Wardrobe online, using only high quality Italian fabrics. With a digital approach, we offer luxury garments and make them affordable as no intermediaries are involved in the sales process. This allows us to eliminate unnecessary margins and offer the best value for the price payed. This model entails innovation in the retail field as well, as our instore experience (Lanieri has 8 Showrooms) is completely digital and instead of copying traditional retail models, all our transactions occur directly on our website, giving us complete control over the information processes and improving the experience across all touchpoints with our clients. 

Why do traditional textile firms in Biella need to collaborate with Lanieri?

Lanieri combines a perfect business model, in which a newly conceived brand works as a window for huge industrial producers that have always worked behind the scenes (B2B) in the distribution chain. So it is a natural collaboration in which Lanieri takes advantage of the experience of Biella textile mills and in exchange these brands get an Innovative channel of distribution. 

What competencies did you bring to the partnership?

Both Digital and Marketing innovation. Our business model is conceived to streamline the whole distribution process and make it as efficient as possible through newly adopted methods that are not easy to integrate for traditional players that struggle to adapt to new technologies. Through Lanieri, all Biella mills are getting a huge boost in terms of rejuvenation, and are getting to reach a huge target that seemed unreachable until now given the prices offered in a non-efficient distribution channel with unnecessary intermediaries. 

What are the next challenges for the company’s digital transformation?

1. To fully integrate the production stages of traditional and artisanal processes to provide further information to our client base from the moment they order to the moment they receive the customized garment.

2. To technologically simulate not only how a garment will be in terms of customizations but how a garment will fit according to the customer’s measurements.

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