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Wednesday 12 October 2016

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) meets ESCP Europe

In August, ESCP Europe hosted an Executive group from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow, India. The group enjoyed two weeks of lectures, cultural exchange and company visits in the European module of their MBA programme.

During the first week in Berlin, they covered topics like the German Mittelstand and Innovation and enjoyed insights into the automotive sector. The academic part of the programme was rounded off by an exclusive visit to the Indian Embassy, where the participants had the chance to enter into a conversation with two diplomats from the economic and technological department. Guided plant tours at BMW Motorcycles and at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg allowed a practical understanding of the automotive sector.

The second week took place at the Paris campus and the focus was set on Supply Chain and Financial Markets. In addition, a study trip to the Champagne regions provided valuable information on the French wine industry.

Learn more about the exchange from a participant's point of view in the "Europe Diaries" of IIM Lucknow.

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